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One time gift- click here. to learn more about different ways to give.
All donations are greatly appreciated and there is no minimum amount for all areas of support EXCEPT the USA Field Hockey Foundation Endowment.
  • Endowment gifts will be accepted at $1,000+ level unless otherwise discussed with the Foundation Development Director
  • CLICK HERE for information on our giving levels and associated benefits
  • Board of Trustee members are required to make a four (4) year, $20,000 commitments ($5,000 per year) to be eligible to join. If you are interested in more information on joining our team please contact Elissa Unger at 719-453-2881 or
Yes, the USA Field Hockey Foundation is a registered 501c(3) organization and all gifts towards the organization are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. For specifics please consult a tax accounting professional. The Foundation’s tax ID is : 75-3037940
Please contact Elissa Unger by phone or email to discuss giving options, or 719-453-2881.
Donors wishing to make an estate gift are advised to contact the Foundation to document their giving plans. By documenting these plans, we are able to ensure that the gift is guided to the exact area of the donor’s wishes upon realization.
The USA Field Hockey Foundation will at times accept gifts such as real estate, securities, life insurance and other assets. In these cases the organization will first consider the following factors:
  • Values—whether the acceptance of the gift compromises any of the core values of the organization.
  • Compatibility—Whether there is compatibility between the intent of the donor and the organization’s use of the gift.
  • Public Relationships—whether acceptance of the gift damage the organization’s reputation.
  • Primary Benefit—whether the primary benefit is to USA Field Hockey Foundation, versus the donor
  • Consistency—is acceptance of the gift consistent with prior practice?
  • Form of Gift—Is the gift offered in a form that the USA Field Hockey Foundation can use without incurring substantial expense or difficulty?
Please contact Foundation Development Director, Elissa Unger, at 719-453-2881 or